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UNLOCKT curates the best content and activities, from meditation to nutrition, from workout routines to the best books, so you become more performanthappier and healthier.

When you join UNLOCKT, you also connect with a community of dreamers & doers who create their ideal life.


Bec Rowe, Physiotherapist,

Pat, Kirsten, Paul, Kevin, Luba & Paddy
Australia, UK, France, Russia



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Unlimited access to the programs

Our programs combine the best content so you become more performant, happier and healthier.
They only take 15 min a day.

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Access to the community

Connect with like-minded people.
We help each other out and share and discuss content in an authentic and open-minded environment. 

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and much more... Mastermind groups, goals of the month... No obligations. You simply pick and choose how involved you want to be.

No commitment. Only AUD $29/month.
First month for free with the code TRIAL15

  • For every member, we give $5 per month to the Wikipedia Foundation.
  • No commitment. Cancel anytime by simply sending an email to [email protected]
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The Philosophy

UNLOCKT is a social entreprise that creates performance-driven programs. We also create a community of givers, because it is how you can truly thrive.

UNLOCKT is its members’ project. Everyone with every single action and decision they make shape this project.

Our mission:

UNLOCKT aims at taking part in the evolution and the elevation of consciousness in the world.

Our vision:

UNLOCKT is a convenient and affordable way for people to keep growing and learning. We challenge the status quo to make life more meaningful and exciting.

Our values:

  • Radical open-mindedness & truth: we don't have any certainty and are always happy to challenge what we think we know. We are in search for truth and not for validation of our beliefs. We embrace healthy skepticism and constructive feedback.

  • Love & authenticity: we are honest and show our authentic self, sometimes being vulnerable. We can do so because we are in a loving environment where people genuinely try to help out each other.

  • Fun & action: We believe in applied knowledge, meaning that we do not take ourselves too seriously and strive to take action in the world to reflect what we learn.
The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.
— Steve Jobs

No commitment. Only AUD $29/month.
First month for free with the code TRIAL15

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why take the road of personal growth?

Every human being needs to grow. We need to evolve and keep learning. If we stagnate, we become dissatisfied and unhappy. If you are here, you probably already embrace the gorwth mindset!

+ Is it for me?

The programs and community are designed for time-poor professionals, driven people who want to have an impact but can't always find the time to invest in themselves as much as they would like to. Click here to see the testimonials

+ What if there is nothing wrong with my life?

The same as you don’t need to have a health issue to start going to a gym, you don’t need any problem to want to improve how you feel, look and perform. While there are many inspiring stories of people hitting rock bottom before starting their personal growth journey, I believe we should all look at learning and growing without needing anything wrong.

+ Why should I trust you?

I spend thousands of hours looking for the best content and activities. I simply curate the best, I don't have any bias or affiliations and always keep an open mind. You can learn a bit more in the Team's section or with the presentation video.

+ Why should I pay?

The curation work will save you many hours of research every month, so the fee covers all the time you save. On top of it, the membership fee allows to discriminate between people who are motivated and the ones who are not.

+ Are there any geographical restrictions?

No, there are members from Australia, France, the UK, New Zealand, Spain and the US. You can become a member from anywhere in the world and we love diversity.

+ How does it work to cancel?

You can cancel at anytime and it will be effective immediately. Just send an email to [email protected] saying you want to cancel.

About the programs

Here are all the programs. Click any program to learn more and register. They all start on Sunday so you need to register by Sunday night.

I always recommend starting with either Time Management or Mind Training & Meditation:

A great place to start. It covers a lot of things that will give you back ownership on your time, which is the foundation for all the next improvements you can add to your life.

Training your mind is super important to be more healthy, happy and performant. Meditation is the best mind training tool known to date and it can be the foundations of amazing improvements.

And coming soon: Focus&productivity, Body-mind connections, Consciousness, Extreme morning routine

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Book of the month

Homo Deus: A brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari

This month, we are reading and discussing Homo Deus.
You can access my review here →


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We regroup and discuss on a Slack channel. Note that there is absolutely no obligations. You contribute to whatever you want, whenever you want.

Here are our main interests:

  • Consciousness, mindfulness & meditation
  • Philosophy & ancient wisdom
  • Health, nutrition & fitness
  • Human psychology
  • Entrepreneurship & productivity
  • AI, blockchain & tech
  • Biohacking, futurism & societies

No commitment. Only AUD $29/month.
First month is free with the code TRIAL15

We are what we do, and not what we think we must do
— Paulo Coelho