#22 - The Power of Breathwork - Marja Jacobsen

Can you get high by breathing nothing else than oxygen?

I've met Marja as she was my Yoga teacher at Dharma Shala. She is also a Reiki master and now raves about breath-work. Breath-work is something I haven't explored much yet but from Eastern philosophy to the Wim Hof method it is proven to show breathtaking results! (haha!)

Some people even say her breath-work was as powerful as an Ayahuasca trip... I'm really excited about this interview!

Questions I thought of asking, but come with yours!

1- What is your journey through healing and mindfulness?

2- What got you into breath-work and why do you find it so powerful?

3- Why did you want to teach it?

4- Simple exercises people can practice?

For more info visit https://www.yogawithmarja.com/

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