#8 - Mental Health Awareness - Grant Treblico

This week in Dreamers & doers - Live Interviews we meet Grant Trebilco: 

Do you feel like sharing daily your life on social media doesn’t make you happy? You may be on the path of social media addiction.

The problem,“Oversharing” on social media comes expenses of our mental health. It results with a rise of depressive or anxious. How to fight this addiction and bring us happiness?

5 years ago, Grant Trebilco launched a movement called OneWave that is now in several cities in Australia. OneWav gathers in the morning once a week whoever wants to be part of. Participants can exchange about their life’s struggles in a beautiful, loving and non-judgemental environment. Then go for a surf 😉

About  Grant Trebilco:

GRANT TREBILCO is a is the founder of global non-profit surf community OneWave. Grant builds a community by sharing real stories and building emotional connections. Creative strategist and public speaker he believes creativity and creating social good should not be separate from each other. Grant is a helper, a strategist and love to make it fun for everyone involved because smiling and laughing is good for the soul.

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