#2 - The Libertarian Philosopher - Gaspard Koenig

I interviewed Gaspard Koenig, a famous French libertarian philosopher.  He is also the author of many books and founder of the think tank Generation Libre.

Gaspard and his think tank now have a big influence on French politics.
In this podcast, we discussed some of the self-organised societies he has been visiting and studying, from open prisons to micro credit, from blockchain to universal basic income. We also discussed the rise of decentralised networks.
I have been following Gaspard for more than 4 years and love his work. He is quite famous in France, often invited on radio and TV shows.  And I thought it would be great to interview him in English in order to have his ideas heard by a wider population.

Dreamers & doers is a series of live interviews with people who challenge the status quo and take massive action to create a better world.