#18 - Disconnect to reconnect - Paddy M. Buck

Would you go to South America without a phone? Paddy just did it for three months. Paddy is a great friend and was a very early supporter of UNLOCKT.

He did the early version of the challenge and the time management program. He then decided to go on a 3-month trip to South America, because why not. On top of it, he wanted to do the whole experience without a phone and with a very limited access to tech. He just came back a few days ago. We live in an over-connected world, which has a lot of benefits but also comes with its share of risks. We will discuss:

  1. Why he wanted to travel without a phone?
  2. Some of the experiences and human interactions he had there
  3. The pros and cons of disconnecting
  4. How he is going to integrate this experience in his everyday life


He is a sponsorship, brand activation and event specialist with over 10 years of integrated campaign experience. Working internationally with agencies and clients of all sizes and capabilities. Currently working in the freelance sector, He has honed his ability to hit the ground running, working quickly and efficiently to create successful campaign outcomes for several agencies and clients direct. He is also Co-Founder & Director of Sydney Soirée (Soirée Events). Australia's largest "roaming dinner party" matchmaking company, est 2013. As featured on Sky News Business. Always interested in hearing from you - please feel free to email: [email protected]

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