#15 - The Abundant Mindset - James McDonald

This week in Dreamers & doers - Live Interviews we meet James McDonald

I met James McDonald in the plane to go to Date With Destiny Cairns, Australia 2018. Was it random? Probably not.

Here are the topics, we'll cover a lot:

1. His journey. How he got to work for Tony Robbins?

2. On his road towards financial freedom with Isagenix

3. Serving yourself to serve others

4. How he uses the law of attraction

5. His meditation and other rituals

Knowing James, expect it to be quite a freestyle.

About James McDonald

James is a beast! He works for #tonyrobbins and has his side business as a network marketer. He took full ownership of his life and we'll talk law of attraction, meditation and mindset. It'll be a pretty amazing chat. He actually inspired me to start Isagenix.

Dreamers & doers is a series of live interviews with people who challenge the status quo and take massive action to create a better world.