#19 – Radical Forgiveness – Olivia Shanti

What are the boundaries of your forgiveness and will you be able to stretch them?

I met Olivia at an ecstatic dance party and she has a lot of great stories to share. Olivia is a Life & Wellness Mentor, Yoga Coach, Yoga Teacher and the only Siddha Yoga practitioner in Australia.

She spent some time with the Dalai Lama back in the 90s. She used her yoga and Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice to meet and forgive the person who murdered her father 😯

Here are the questions I plan to ask:

  1. How did you get into Yoga?

  2. Why did u want to forgive the murderer of your father?

  3. How did you do it and how did it feel?

  4. What is Siddha Yoga?

  5. What’s next for you?

It will be super interesting and as usual, come with your questions! For more information check out her website www.oliviashanti.com



French Australian citizen, Olivia travelled in 34 different countries and lived in 6 countries : France, French Polynesia, USA, Japan, Singapore, Australia. She is mostly based in Sydney in Australia but still travels all over the world during the year.

Olivia is known for offering the essence of Yoga from Ancient teachings in this modern world to maintain healthy Mind & Body, to connect MIND BODY to SOUL and to empower all areas of people’s life. She has the capacity to facilitate rapid transformation developed over 28 years of Yoga, Pranayama, Mindfulness Meditation, Tantric Meditation teaching & practice, Life & Health experience.

Dreamers & doers is a series of live interviews with people who challenge the status quo and take massive action to create a better world.