The Philosophy

UNLOCKT creates performance-driven programs. We also create a community of givers, because it is how you can truly thrive.

UNLOCKT is its members’ project. Everyone with every single action and decision they make shape this project.

Our mission:

UNLOCKT aims at taking part in the evolution and the elevation of consciousness in the world.

Our vision:

UNLOCKT is a convenient and affordable way for people to keep growing and learning. We challenge the status quo to make life more meaningful and exciting.

Our values:

  • Radical open-mindedness & truth: we don't have any certainty and are always happy to challenge what we think we know. We are in search for truth and not for validation of our beliefs. We embrace healthy skepticism and constructive feedback.

  • Courage, love & authenticity: we are honest and show our authentic self, sometimes being vulnerable. We can do so because we are in a loving environment where people genuinely try to help out each other.

  • Fun & action: We believe in applied knowledge, meaning that we do not take ourselves too seriously and strive to take action in the world to reflect what we learn.

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.
— Steve Jobs