2nd Thursday

naval ravikant on happiness hacks and the 5 chimps theory
BY Tim Ferriss Show

Duration: 24 min. Start at 16'47. End at 40'55.

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  • 16'47: True happiness comes out of peace and understanding yourself
  • 18'59: Tricks to be happier. The most important is to realise it is a choice that you make
  • 22'10: How do you handle conflict when it arises?
  • 23'50: Insight about life that is not obvious to everybody else
  • 28'20: What do you think is most valuable in life?
  • 29'50: Books he recommends (this part can get overwhelming so you can skip it)
  • 34'20: The power of habits
  • 39': Living a spontaneous life 

 About the Speaker:

Naval Ravikant is the co-founder and CEO of Angelist, a platform for early stage startups and angle investors to meet. He also runs ProductHunt, a platform for startups to launch their products.

He has invested in well over a hundred companies and has spent a lot of time reading and thinking about huge matters like happiness, sucess, learning and the likes.