#9 - Neuroscience

1- What I want to talk about this week

This week, I want to talk about neuroscience. I mentioned a few times that starting audio books changed my life. The first book I listened was The Power of Now, and the second one was a beginner's neuroscience course on Audible called Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You.

Neuroscience helps us understand a lot about our behaviours. It's a bit too complex to explain here so I encourage you to listen to the audiobook if it interests you. It made me realise that we are wired in a certain way and having the awareness of how our brains work will help a lot if we want to improve in any area of our lives.

If you have done the meditation program, you know that meditation shrinks the reptilian brain and increases the pre-frontal cortex, giving more power to the more reasonable and thoughtful "you" than to the instinct-based "you". Neuroscience backs up a practice that has been around for thousands of years, reuniting ancient wisdom with modern science.

Exercising also has similar effects. Simply walking increases your creativity, as noticed by Steve Jobs who was always doing "walking meetings".

While the brain is more plastic when we are young, we discovered that it keeps changing and producing new neurons even when we get older. This made nutrition quite important for me too, trying to eat more foods that were good for neurogenesis. Avocado, fish oils, blueberries and dark chocolate are known as "brain foods" for example.

I have just published my review of How to change your mind by Michael Pollan (amazing book) and the effects of psychedelics on turning off our Default Mode Network is pretty amazing to study too.


2- Great content of the week

This leads me to the great content of the week. Jim Kwik is not a neuroscientist and this podcast does not really dig into the science but the mindset of this guy is outstanding and he gives great actionable tips called "brain hacks". For the science part, check the audiobook I recommended above.

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3- UNLOCKT news

Welcome Binnie who just joined!


Morgane has been working on including more Members' stories. Have a look I think it's great to have people and experiences you can relate to. Please let me know if you're keen to be featured.

If you haven't had a look yet, I re-attach here the member's booklet. To make the most out of the membership, I definitely recommend that you use the power of communities and accountabilityShare with others and make yourself accountable, you will grow and learn way more quickly.

I started a more personalised approach. I'll be in touch this weekend with each of you.

The one thing I'm probably the most excited about is the book of the month. When you commit to reading the book and share your learning, it makes you stick to your commitment of reading more and you will retain way more because you transmit your learnings. We will officially start it in September with Y.N. Harari's new book 21 lessons for the 21st century, which a lot of us are pretty excited about. It's out in a few days. Are you in? Let us know in #book_of_the_month.

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