#34 - Your chance to surround yourself with the right people

1- Topic of the week

Your environment is so important.

You see, when I left France for Australia, I was eating junk food, barely reading any books, drinking a lot and didn’t even know what meditation was. Had I stayed in France, I would never have become what I have become. I would probably have a normal job, go to the same parties I used to, have the same cigarette and the same Big Mac at the end of the party.

Here, I met nutritionists that taught me to eat well, motivated people I could go to the gym with and inspiring meditation teachers. I am surrounded with loving people who wake up early, get active, are super healthy and who consume more books and podcasts than Netflix series.

By no means am I saying that this way of living is superior. I deeply respect any way people want to live their life. This is just my preferred way. I’m not trying to convince you that it should be yours. All I’m saying is that if you think it should be yours, then take action and make it happen.

My point is that your environment is so important. If you’re trying to meditate, to be healthy, to start your business, surround yourself with people with the same mindset. Otherwise it’ll be nearly impossible. I find it a bit sad when I hear so many of my friends in Paris who have been telling me for more than a year that they want to start meditation and they still can’t put aside 10 or 20 min a day for it. But it’s normal, they can’t stay motivated because they don’t have the right environment.

You want to be part of tribes that inspire you and keep you accountable. You need to brainwash yourself with inspirational content and routines, with people who push you to thrive. UNLOCKT is one of them and I hope you join us.

This is the last newsletter I’ll write to the ones who are not members of UNLOCKT. I’ll definitely keep posting on social media though and I have my podcast so if you want to keep following while staying in your comfort zone, all good. 😉 Just make sure you don’t end up with regrets. We have one life!

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
— Jom Rohn

2- Great content of the week

Jay Shetty is a very wise man and he talks very well about the importance of your environment.

For the next 10 min, rather than scrolling your Facebook feed or checking the next episode of your TV show, check this video:

Was it good? Here is what most people will do:

They’ll find it super insightful. Be pumped for a few minutes. And then they won’t change anything to their habits. You have the opportunity right now to join a group of people that will support you to build your beautiful life, whatever that means to you.

3- UNLOCKT news


Some people here in Bondi are having truly transformational weeks. I keep organising “Motivation Weeks” and the people who attend are more than rewarded for this step out of their comfort zone.

As mentioned by one of them, “I have never felt that alive”. Pretty good… For me it’s amazing to wake up every morning to such great vibes.

Also sharing the latest podcast with plant-based nutritionist Kate Levins. Lots of great tips. I owe her a lot because she got me interested in nutrition when we worked together. Had I not met her, I’d probably be eating unhealthy food. And there is no way I would have the levels of energy & happiness and the clarity of mind I have Today if I wan’t eating healthy. Check it out on iTunes.

And this Friday I’ll have one about Tantra & conscious sexuality 😱 The members can ask their questions in advance on the Slack channel.

💌 Love,