#33 - Mindset, Schwarzenegger, Ben Abstacker

1- Topic of the week

Mindset is everything. Whether you want to be an athlete, a successful entrepreneur or just want to wake up a bit earlier every day, it’s all about your mindset.

Some people think you either have a strong mindset or you don’t. This is called the fixed mindset. Some other people, like me, think mindset is something you train, you grow, like a muscle. This is called the growth mindset. If you follow my posts, chances are you’re already familiar with this concept. If not, check this video.

If you want a strong mindset, you have to cultivate it. By taking little actions every single day. For me, it means waking up early, not snoozing and doing my morning routine, including a cold shower. I strengthen my mindset first thing in the morning, every day.

If I want to push it, I’ll even try and break my records of breath holding or planking. These are very uncomfortable exercises, but they mainly rely on mindset. I’m currently working on a “warrior’s mindset” program that incorporates these activities. It won’t be for everyone, but it will definitely strengthen your mindset and allow you to achieve things you didn’t think you were capable of.

2- Great content of the week

Talking about a strong mindset… This week’s content is Arnold Schwarzenegger. His mindset allowed him to become a bodybuilder, then a famous actor and then the Governor of California. It looks like whatever he chooses to do, he becomes amazing at it. Why? Because he has the mindset.

A few weeks ago, he did an amazing speech. Here is an edited version. Enjoy!

Love this speech!

Slight personal note here. In personal growth, there are different styles. Schwarzenegger is among the proponent of working extremely hard. I think it really depends on what you try to achieve. Many people advocate for actually sometimes working less to gain clarity and efficiency, provided that working less is used to learn, meditate, sleep, have fun, etc…

For example, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and richest man in the world, sleeps 8 hours because clarity of mind is more important for his job than an extra 2 hours in the day, and I tend to prefer this approach.

3- UNLOCKT news


This week, I’ve organised a “motivation week” in Bondi Beach. Completely new concept… There would have been 100 reasons not to organise this. I’m not a personal trainer, yoga teacher o Wim Hof breathing instructor. Still I went ahead and the result was an amazing week with like-minded people.

People, who, like me, thought: “Let’s just do it!”

And… this week I interviewed Ben Abstacker. He built super strong systems in place to strengthen his mindset and become a beast! He gives very practical tips on how you can build a strong mindset, starting Today. I loved this chat!

💌 Love,