#32 - The second layer of freedom

1- Topic of the week

A few weeks ago, I asked the Facebook group: “What does happiness mean to you?” and the answer that came back a lot was “Freedom”.

You know me, I’m all about freedom. But there are 2 layers of freedom. There is the most obvious one. The one that comes from your life situation. If you can travel, do the experiences you want, buy the things you desire, etc… Doing what you want to do.

Now the second layer of freedom would be: how do you choose what you want?

If you want this luxurious car and you get it , is it freedom? Why did you want this luxurious car in the first place? Are you sure it’s not some social conditioning?

Even more important than getting what you want is understanding why you want what you want in the first place and if it’s truly what you want. 🤔

Whatever your life conditions are, real freedom comes from knowing yourself in the first place. From self-awareness. There cannot be any freedom otherwise.

You may be super rich, have the most extraordinary experiences, build successful businesses, if this comes compulsively as a reaction to a conditioning you’re not even aware of it, you are not truly free.

Only the truth of who you are will set you free
— Eckhart Tolle

2- Great content of the week

If I have the awareness of where my desires come from, I can judge better which ones are truly coming from me and which ones are a social conditioning. I have that awareness, but it still doesn’t mean I chose these desires in the first place. This second layer of freedom is self-awareness. But knowing if we really choose our desires is a different question, which is the one of free will.

I won’t start digging into this complicated question, it’s a deep rabbit hole. But I’ll share with you an episode from a Youtube channel I truly appreciate called Crash Course Philosophy:

3- UNLOCKT news

We’re throwing some pretty big events in Bondi Beach at the moment. Amazing how good the vibe is!


Last week, I also revamped the morning routine challenge. It’s just 3 days and 100% free, give it a go!

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