#29 - What's wrong with what we eat?

1- Topic of the week

A cornerstone of my growth was to work a few years alongside nutritionists. I understood the importance of eating well, not only to be healthy, but also to perform well. After all, the building blocks of your brain are created partly from the nutrients you eat.

I think we all agree on this, however, it gets challenging to understand what’s right or wrong when you have huge lobbies and industries pouring billions of dollars into advertising and biased studies. It makes everything confusing and it gets into your subconscious.

We have been conditioned to spend our dollars on food that kills us. Or at least that makes us sick so we buy the drug too. Smart, but not cool. I wrote a popular article about how to reprogram yourself to love healthy foods.

The program I’ve created, called Nutrition & Energy, aims at cutting though the noise and looking deeper into the science, so you get sustainable habits to be healthy and have more energy.

It’s not about an obsessive diet where you eat this at this time, etc… These are general principles that you can adapt to your own specific physiology and preferences. You’ll find more information here.

Personally, I’ve just finished a 4-day water fast (meaning you just have water for 4 days). I wrote an article about my experience. Challenging but overall good. In the program, I introduce intermittent fasting (just 24 hours don’t worry) as it has huge benefits.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
— Hippocrates

2- Great content of the week

Here is the first video of the program, which is a good analysis of what’s wrong with our food system. This is especially true in the US, but true also to a slightly lesser degree in all Western countries.

3- UNLOCKT news

I’m so happy to see more people starting a program. Friends especially! Feedback so far has been excellent which really fuels me to do more! ❤️

As a reminder, here are the program currently available:
1. Time Ownership
2. Mind Training & Meditation
3. Nutrition & Energy
4. Happiness & Fulfilment

At the moment, I’m working on the “Body-mind connections program” which is a fascinating subject.

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