#27 - 2019 = Shift in Consciousness?

1- Topic of the week

2018 was a pretty exciting year for me and UNLOCKT. I have discovered a whole new world of what I call conscious performance. A world of dreamers & doers, of mindful high-achievers. When you stop focusing on what’s wrong, you discover that so many people around the world are putting a lot of energy into creating a better world, whether through ecology, humanitarianism, tech or raising consciousness. And it’s beautiful.

Now I know I’m sometimes a bit in a bubble. Bali and Bondi Beach are places where it is especially true. But the bubble is getting bigger and bigger. All over the world people start to understand the importance of taking better care of themselves, first, and of other people, of animals and of our planet.

2018 was the year the explosion of meditation in the Western world, of growing concerns for animals and the planet, of younger generations chasing fulfilment rather than just money. Now that we can access knowledge more and more easily (think audio books, podcasts, online courses), I believe this trend will expand in 2019. This is why I’m getting very excited about 2019, I think we will see more and more clearly a shift in consciousness that has already started.

Anyway, I’m definitely pumped to do my best to help this beautiful trend with UNLOCKT and hope you join us in the adventure.

Life has become better, and no one seems to know about it.
— Steven Pinker

2- Great content of the week

As mentioned, I’m very excited about the years to come. This is true both on the consciousness and the technological levels. The best person to follow to understand how tech will affect us in the near future is probably Ray Kurzweil.

I recently listened to his interview in a new podcast I encourage you to listen to: the TED interview, which are interviews of the current best minds in the world.

3- Challenge of the week

I know the “new year resolution” is kind of old fashioned, but let’s make a deal. Tell me what it is and I’ll make sure you stick to it 🤜🤛.

You can do it on Slack > #weekly_newsletter or answer this email.

4- UNLOCKT news

This week, I’ve been finishing the Nutrition & Energy Program and I’ll be in touch in a few days with a survey to understand how I can serve you best.

I’ve also had a podcast with Aurelien Millot (Issa), who went very deep into exploring the limits of consciousness. He’s done a lot of crazy/interesting experiments on himself. In this episode, we talk about the time he did not eat for 21 days and fasting and breatharianism in general. Issa is very grounded, he also has a successful textile business in China. Enjoy the interview!

💌 Love, and of course… Happy New Year!