#25 - Why you need to reprogram yourself to be happy?

1- Topic of the week

Evolution programmed us to survive, not to be happy. Advertisers lure us into thinking consuming will make us happy. Even our well-intended parents, friends and teachers are usually wrong about where happiness comes from. Fitting into society and being successful is not a source of sustainable and unconditional happiness.

Fortunately, our ancestors have been studying the subject for thousands of years, so you can find pretty good answers in ancient wisdom. I especially like Stoicism and Eastern philosophy. The knowledge is often more applicable than ever Today.

On top of it, the latest discoveries in neuroscience and biochemistry give us an even deeper understanding of what you can do to be happier. So there are a bunch of techniques you can actually implement to be sustainably happier. You need to reprogram yourself.

We suffer more often in imagination that in reality
— Seneca

This week, I have been re-re-doing the happiness program and it was such a great exercise. For the high-achievers out there, I would also add that this form of happiness is not going to reduce your drive or impact, quite the other way around. I call it Happiness & Fulfilment because the kind of happiness we explore here is a conscious one, not an ignorant bliss.

I am very excited about this one, because making people a bit happier actually makes me super happy.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
— The Buddha

2- Great content of the week

Just a quick fun video this week. Love it!

3- Challenge of the week

This week, just take a minute and write down 3 things you are grateful for.

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4- UNLOCKT news

So this past week, I’ve been mainly working on the Happiness & Fulfilment Program.

On top of it, I also did a great podcast with Mitchell Levy. Mitchell is an expert at getting seen and heard in our noisy world. You can watch his TED talk.

Attention has become the new gold, and when you think you can provide value, it becomes important to understand how you can cut through the noise. We especially discuss the importance of having a book, so we discussed a bit my book project for 2019.

Don’t hesitate to give me feedback as usual! Especially the negative one 😜

💌 Love,