#24 - If you don't meditate, you're already behind

1- Topic of the week

The world is changing fast. A few decades ago, meditation was pretty rare in the Western world, but it has now become incredibly popular. US Marines, top CEOs, people at Google and Harvard, they all rave about meditation. It is the most common pattern identified by Tim Ferriss after interviewing the top performers of this world.

The progress in neuroscience now also backs this thousand-year-old practice. Rational people understand how foolish it would be to not meditate.

So you may not be behind your friends and colleagues, as the majority of them probably don’t meditate either. But you’re already behind the elite of this world. That’s the bad news. And as it now becomes more mainstream, if you don’t start soon, in a world where it becomes the norm to control your mind and focus better, you’ll make yourself less and less relevant. That’s even worse news, who would want to be part of this group?

The good news is, it’s never been easier to get started. Now I don’t really mind whether you do my program, use an app, find a local guru or you do it all on your own, but please, start meditation. You’ll thank me in a a few months. You can’t believe how grateful I am to the people who pushed me to meditate.

So the message Today is quite straightforward, but I want it to be a wake-up call for the ones who don’t realise they are already behind and missing the train of evolution.

START. MEDITATING. EVERYDAY. You won’t look back. Have questions? I’m super happy to advise you. Again it’s not about doing my program, my main concern is that you actually start, whatever the way. Just reach out, I’ll give you unbiased advice.

Meditation has probably been the single most important reason for whatever success I’ve had.
— Ray Dalio

2- Great content of the week

Today, I’m sharing with you one quick video that is part of the program. It shows well the angle of this program. Very secular, pragmatic and scientific. Watch it. It’s just 4 min.

3- Challenge of the week

This week, just take a minute every day and sit on a chair and focus on your breath. Or alternatively, start meditation of course!

Let us know how it goes in Slack > #weekly_newsletter

4- UNLOCKT news

I sent you an email about the very exciting podcast I did last Tuesday with Niraj Naik.

This past week, I’ve been working on this new version of the mind training & meditation program. As I was going through it again, it was a great reminder of how awesome meditation is. This is why I thought I should make it the subject of the newsletter.

I’ve also tried to make the whole program website more clear. Click here to see the home page. As usual, I loooove feedback, that’s how I keep improving everything, so please reach out if you have feedback!

💌 Love,