#23 - Do you own your time?

1- Topic of the week

Last week, a friend of mine told me he wanted to start meditating regularly. But that he didn’t have time. “I’m so busy!”. We’ve all been trained to say this so we feel important, especially in the corporate and in the startup worlds. If you’re not super busy, you’re a loser, right?

Quite the opposite in my opinion. If you own your time, you’re never busy. Simply prioritising.

On top of it, I asked this friend to show me his screen time (a new iPhone feature). He was spending more than 40 min on Instagram every day. And you don’t have 10 min a day to meditate? Come on, mate!

To be fair, it’s not really his fault. An app like Instagram is built by behavioural scientists who know how to make you spend more time than you’d like on the app. They “hack” you.

To stop this, you need to take ownership of your time, so you hack yourself in a positive way rather than letting every app and advertiser hack you to fit their commercial goals.

This is why I call the program: Time Ownership. There is obviously a big part on productivity and standard time management, but it goes way beyond this. It is the foundation of any major improvements in your life.

Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else
— Peter Drucker

2- Great content of the week

Today, I’m sharing with you the first video of the time ownership program. It’s a very simple one, but it makes you realise you own your time and that saying “I don’t have time” is bulls*t.

3- Challenge of the week

This week, try and stop saying “I’m busy” and “I don’t have time”. You’ll see, it’s harder than you may think.

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4- UNLOCKT news

Owning your time doesn’t mean you have to meditate, or to stop doing this or that. It’s simply about making sure how you spend your time fits your goals.

This week, I’ve done a little testimonial interview with Paddy, Isabel, and Marie. You’ll see that they had very different experiences, but it’s what they needed:

  • Isabel had a noticeable increase in productivity at work

  • Paddy took 3 months off to travel South America without a phone

  • Marie removed her Facebook app and started to learn Spanish

What improvements will you make with the Time Ownership program? To get started, simply click here. If you have any questions, just let me know!