#21 - Our new Morning Routine Challenge (and it's free)

1- Topic of the week

The first few minutes of your day are very important. You set the tone for the day. If you start it well, you get a feeling of achievement you pursue throughout the day. This is why most successful people have a morning routine.

How do you start your day? Do you snooze? Do you check social media? Your emails?

I have started with tiny morning routines but I now usually have a routine of an hour and a half. To get there, you have to add activities one after the other.

The most important is to start doing a routine pretty consistently, even if it’s just 5 minutes. It allows you to achieve a lot straight when you wake up and it preserves your willpower for the more important decisions you’ll face during the day.

So naturally, I have created a little morning routine challenge. It is 100% free, 4 days, 10 min a day. I want it to be a little introduction to personal growth in general and to the programs. If you want to give it a go, click here.

2- Great content of the week

Here I need to pay a little tribute to one of my gurus, Tim Ferriss, who is the one that got me into personal growth and morning routines. He interviewed about 500 successful people in very different areas of expertise and found the recurring patterns.

Here is a little 5-min video of him explaining how to create a better morning routine:

If you’re after some slightly longer content, I also share with you his latest podcast with movie director James Cameron and his wife that I found very interesting:

3- Challenge of the week

Challenge of the week? Well get started now with the morning routine challenge! 10 min a day for 4 days… Just register if you’re keen to give it a go!

It’s quite beginner-friendly but you can always combine it with what you already do.

You can let us know how it feels in Slack or directly in the comment section of the challenge.

4- UNLOCKT news

Quite a lot going on at the moment. On top of this morning routine challenge, I’ve been interviewing neuroscientist Dr. Kaushik Ram about training your nervous system.

This Thursday, I’ll interview Charles McKinley whom I met at Date with Destiny with Tony Robbins who has had a few experiences of self-transcendence (some of which we did together). Amazing guy to listen to!

We’re also currently throwing big sunrise yoga & meditation events at Bondi Beach, thanks Isabel for organising ❤️. We have already 55 people registered for this Tuesday.

Welcoming the Sun!

Welcoming the Sun!