#7 - Is the world awakening?

1- What I want to talk about this week

This week I wanted to share my views on the awakening of the world! 😮😮😮

When there is a change in the reality I perceive, I like to see if it's mainly my perception that changed or the reality.

Perception can play a big part. If you watch the news, you probably have a different perception. The news on TV rely on advertisement so they need to give you drama because it gets more attention. Even if 99.99% of the people try to do good, the news will always focus on the 0.01% of bad news. You'll have a very good idea of what I'm talking about if you've done the happiness program.

I stopped watching the news or TV and got more interested in projects that promote evolution. I am also surrounded by very positive people. So my perception and my world is definitely more awakened, happy and conscious than it used to. But has only my reality changed, or is it just part of a bigger change in reality?

Well it's probably both, because I can see from pretty objective measures that the world is awakening. For example, Headspace, one of the many meditation apps that exist Today, had been downloaded already by 11 million people in Jan 2017. Should be quite a few more now.

In the book Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain…, the authors share a graph of the number of independent studies on meditation and it looks like this:

It also seems that the new generation entering the workforce is more and more looking for meaningful jobs.
So while I know my perception is a bit biased due to the nature of my work and connections, I can confidently say that the world is objectively awakening. And that's very exciting!

I think the Internet plays a major role. With the quick transmission of information, we can access the knowledge of amazing people through articles, podcasts, videos. Mindfulness and higher states of consciousness are now available to more and more people around the world.

Most of these podcasts, apps, books, online courses were not available even a few years ago and the evolution in the transmission of information now allows the wisdom to be spread quickly and it should only get better and better.

2- Great content of the week

Another proof is the fast growth of Mind Valley, a company that promotes the elevation of the consciousness in the world. I listened to a pretty amazing interview with its founder, Vishen Lakhiani. So that's the podcast of the week!
It comes from a podcast I encourage you to follow called The Impact Theory.

As I talked about the reality vs our perception of the world, here is a great TED talk from a few months ago by Steven Pinker showing how the world is getting better and why most people fail to perceive it.

It is pretty obvious when it comes to the human condition. I am more reserved when it comes to animals or the environment but I still think we are now heading in the right direction with more and more awareness.

By the way, as a member of UNLOCKT, I also believe you play a major role in this awakening 😉


3- UNLOCKT news

Thanks a lot to everyone who filled the survey. It really helps. If you haven't, you can still do it now.

Now here's what's next for the membership:

  • Starting the Book of the Month. In August, it is Homo Deus. See my review here. In September, it will be 21 Lessons for the 21 Century, Harari's new book. It gets released on Aug 30 (can't wait). I think Agnes, Valerie, William and Matthias you were keen for Homo Deus. Just confirm on the dedicated Slack channel.
  • Member's booklet. I do realise that it can get slightly confusing when you start the membership so Morgane is creating a booklet that will help understanding everything.
  • More activities: in September, we want to start Mastermind groups and Goals of the month. Will keep you posted. As usual though, no obligation, you can simply register your interest for what you want to do.

Last Tuesday, I have interviewed a new member, Olivia, and she has a lot of great stories and tips. I am super happy to have her in the community! Here is the interview. I also invested in a better mic, you should notice the difference. Will be on the podcast Today too. Feel free to subscribe to both the Youtube channel and the podcast.

Shoutout to Chris this week who has been active on Slack and will be featured on the website in the "members' stories" section, along with Andrew and Olivia. It's great to have a bit of background on the people in the community. We'd love to have all of you on the page, let us know if you're keen and the amazing Morgane will arrange that!

Tonight 8pm Sydney time I'll have another interview with Brent about minimalism and morning routines. See the info here.