#5 - The Law of Attraction and the Power of Thoughts

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1- Thought of the week - The Law of Attraction and the Power of Thoughts

It is very important to not underestimate the power of our thoughts and beliefs. While it's still not super clear and proven scientifically yet, it seems the thoughts we have are very important to become who we want to become. Tony Robbins and many successful people use the law of attraction. The idea is simple. You become someone because you thought of being this person first. Stepping into the shoes of who you want to become will help you actually become this person.

I'll use a personal example. How can I become a successful podcast host? If I feel I'm not good enough or an imposture, I won't dare to ask people to come to my podcast. I have put myself in the shoes of being a podcast host, so now I dare to ask people and I act like I'm one... because I am one!

The Law of Attraction is often misunderstood, if you simply repeat "I want a million dollars by the end of the year" and don't act on it, it won't work. The 3 important things are:
1. Choose something that is true to you. For example, making a million dollar might not reflect the truth of who you want to be. Then it probably won't work.
2. Act consistently. As you step into the shoes of this new person, you have to act as such. For example, if you want to become an elite athlete, you would picture yourself as already being this person, so you can't just party hard and get drunk.
3. Be precise and really feel how it would be to be that person. It will help your unconscious mind to act consistently according to who you want to become.

The Law of Attraction can seem a bit far fetched and magic and I'm not sure what to think about the book. But stepping Today into the shoes of who you truly want to become will help you get closer to this ideal.

2- Podcast of the week

In relation to this, I'm in the middle of the book Breaking the habit of being yourself, which is a quite scientific approach of how to use your thoughts to create your life, using quantum physics and neuroscience. There is a bit of extrapolation when it comes to quantum physics, but I find it very very interesting and clearly recommend that you listen to its author, Joe Dispenza. Listen to this 33-min podcast and let me know your thoughts on the #podcast_of_the_week channel

3- What I'm experimenting with

Still on my Isagenix diet, which mixes intermittent fasting, a lot of supplements and meal-replacement shakes. Lately I haven't been doing it very well, so this week I decided to do it well and I really feel great. I did a day of nutrient supported fasting on Monday, then simply replacing breakfast with a shake for the rest of the week. I feel more focused in the morning.

I want to check my energy levels on this diet and like the idea of not needing to eat too much. For example now it's very easy for me to fast for an entire day.

I'll speak more about the benefits of intermittent fasting later and will do a program about it. There is good science and good testimonials to back it up. I also know a lot of people that told me it makes them feel better.

4- UNLOCKT activity

We are 15 members. Growing slowly but surely. Welcome William, Amaury and Jean-Paul.
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There was a bit of delay for the eBooks but now you should have them. 🍾 I hope you like them. 

In the coming days, I'll send a little survey to see how it's going and what you'd like to see more.

In case you missed it, I've also prepared a presentation video with my friends from Zero Limit Production. Let me know your thoughts, I tried to get the message across in a fun way.

5- Dreamers & doers

One interview this week with Paddy, exceptionally it is Tonight. Feel free to come with your questions, he's just back from South America where he traveled 3 months without a phone and technology. I will add it to the podcast Tomorrow.

If you want to listen to more interviews, I had 3 last week so don't hesitate to check the podcast. To be more time efficient and as not much is happening on video, I recommend the audio version, so you can listen in the bus or in your car. Could be a good idea to subscribe to the podcast and of course feel free to leave a good review 🙌

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6- Members' highlights 

  • I want to thank again Andrew who keeps introducing me to really interesting people
  • And this week, special thanks to Morgane 🙌 who has been doing an amazing job at creating the eBooks. She had almost no experience with graphic design and coming up with those nice inDesign eBooks is very impressive.