#4 - Is personal growth selfish?

1- Thought of the week - Is it selfish to take care of myself?

When I talk about personal growth and how people should take better care of themselves, people sometimes have the conception that it is a bit selfish. I don't think it is, as taking care of yourself first is important to then serve others well. You simply cannot pour from an empty cup.

An analogy I really like is the one from the safety instructions in planes: put your oxygen mask first before helping others.

Whether you want to impact the people around you, be a better parent or partner or save the planet, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you take care of yourself so you do any of these meaningful and selfless things well.

Bill Gates made a fortune before he used it to become one of the world's greatest philanthropists.


2- Great content of the week

I became vegan (with a few exceptions) a few months ago after reading Sapiens and the reason was mainly animal rights and the environment. But it seems to me that it's also a pretty good move health-wise.

While it's still controversial and I'm not 100% sure yet it's the best way to go, there seems to be more and more evidence that animal-based diets are pretty detrimental to our health.

This week, I watched this documentary "What the Health?" that's pretty compelling. I find that they exaggerate a bit though, especially when blaming fat for diabetes when the latest science goes actually in the other direction. Happy to hear your thoughts though as it's a very complex subject.

3- What I'm experimenting with

This week, I tried cryotherapy. Cryotherapy has been preached by Tony Robbins and is used by athletes to recover. With just one session, it's pretty hard to say if I'm convinced. So it probably works for athletes but I wouldn't recommend it that much. Has anyone else tried? Happy to discuss it on the Slack community.

4- UNLOCKT activity

We are 12 members. Always reach out to let me know if there is something you'd like.

  • The eBooks are being finalised as we speak.
  • How to use Slack? I advise against getting too many distractions, so I think a good way would be to turn off notifications but add a reminder to check Slack at least twice a week.
  • One thing that seems to get some traction is the intention of the week. I recommend you put a little reminder in your calendar to do it every Monday, really helps with focus, prioritising and accountability

5- Dreamers & doers

I went crazy and had 3 interviews 😛:



Sunday - A mindset of abundance - James McDonald


Monday - Self-love & self-empowerement - Sigrid Tasies


Tuesday - Stress management for high performance - Frank Cuiuli

The Sunday one with James was one of the most viewed interviews and very dynamic, loved it.
You may want to have a look at the Tuesday one too. Frank is one of the most interesting person I've ever met.

6- Members' highlights 

  • Thank you Andrew Lewis for introducing me to Frank, it led to such an interesting interview. Andrew keeps introducing me to super interesting people which I'm super grateful for!
  • Welcome Ben Anderson who just joined UNLOCKT and he's doing the meditation program. I'm super happy to see the number of people who have started meditating around me lately and it will probably be quite transformational for them too. Let us know about your experience bro!