#3 - Discipline vs Effortless progress

1- Thought of the week - Discipline vs Effortless progress

When it comes to changing habits to improve, it will require discipline at first. Still I reckon there is more to it.

I recently understood that there are 2 "you". One conscious, rational you, the one that wants to exercise more, eat healthy, etc... Then there is this other you, the subconscious one, that follows automatic programs that have been shaped by evolution and your past experiences.

This is why you may want to stop smoking, but still keep smoking. I oversimplified a very complex subject here, but you get the idea. This is very obvious when you have a phobia. For example, when seeing a big cockroach in my house (it happens a lot in Sydney), my conscious mind, goes like "it's harmless, just grab it gently and throw it back into the wild", but somehow I can't do it, even though I have a pretty strong will and discipline. Pretty frustrating!

So what I understood recently was that it's good to have discipline and it's how you initiate change, but long-lasting effortless change comes when you reprogram your subconscious. Meditation and other techniques help a lot with this. In the nutrition program, there is a part about reviewing your associations when it comes to food. I might do it with the cockroach someday, but haven't listed it as a priority :)

2- Great content of the week

This leads me to the piece of content I wanted to share with you this week. It is a podcast by Jocko Willink, ex-Navy SEAL Officer, who masters discipline. He is very convincing in how he uses discipline and was quite an inspiration for me when I started this journey. Discipline is where it starts. Still, I feel like what he calls discipline has become effortless for him, so not that much discipline anymore... because he reprogrammed himself to like the pain, to like the so-called discipline.

3- What I'm experimenting with

I've been listening to Principles by Ray Dalio. Still in the middle of it but really love it. Compared to the other books I read in the past few weeks, it is very down-to-earth. He is sometimes called the Steve Jobs of investing and founded the largest hedge fund company in the world. 

4- UNLOCKT activity

We are 11 members. I've been chatting with some of you, always looking for the best way to give value.

  • The eBooks should all be ready by the end of the week. Will send them to you.
  • I've delayed to next week working on a new program, but let me know what you'd like to see next
  • The Slack channel is more active, thanks guys, I love the content there. Especially the intention of the week.
  • A few things I'd love to start if there is engagement: book of the month and Sunday discussions, let me know if there is anything else I could organise.

If you like UNLOCKT, chances are it could really benefit the people around you too! And it would make the community even more active. So I started a referral program. If you refer a friend, they get $10 off their first month, and I'll mail you one of my favourite books to thank you. Just direct them to www.unlockt.me/friend

5- Dreamers & doers

This Tuesday, I interviewed Kietah Martens-Shaw, who created a cool concept: a box with little tools to help the people around you who go through a tough time. She has a very interesting story and knows a lot of happiness tricks.

6- Members' highlights 

  • Thank you Valerie Cinotto, my mum, who just joined. UNLOCKT probably wouldn't exist without you :p When you start the personal growth journey, you can feel a bit of distance with people you used to spend time with, but you get also closer to the people you love who have a similar path. There are many people around me I've known for ages and we both changed so our relationship has changed but become even better.
  • Thank you Morgane Chaix, who is helping me with this project and has spent a lot of time creating amazing looking eBooks. Can't wait to share them with you guys!
  • Please make sure you share all your experiences with the community, this is what the project is about!