#2 - What it means to change

1- Thought of the week - what it means to change

At the moment, I'm reading a friend's recommendation called Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. It made me think about changing who we are. We are often very attached to who we are, not realising that it has been shaped by external events. Who you are is the result of your genes but also mainly your environment and the experiences you've had.

A few months ago, as I was experiencing change, I took some time alone and was a bit scared about changing who I was. I then listened to more podcasts and discussed with friends and family, which resulted in me being quite comfortable with change as I actually felt I was becoming more who I truly was.

Especially I listened to a podcast by Secular Buddhism that had this great metaphor: "It's like you're a statue of gold with layers of clay the society put on you. By removing the layers of clay, you uncover your true self."

For example, I realised I had this image of the smart successful kid. This prevented me from trying hard and learning, because when you try, you are vulnerable and you risk failure.

So getting rid of that need to look successful was a liberation to me, even though the vulnerability that comes with it could look like a surprise to some people.

2- Great content of the week

This leads me to the piece of content I wanted to share with you this week. It is the podcast I listened to when I was a bit freaked out about change. Happy to discuss it in the Slack channel.

3- What I'm experimenting with

As I'm currently trying to hack my body, like with the Wim Hof method, I'm also trying this supplementation service called Isagenix. Not really my usual philosophy, but my main philosophy is to be open-minded.

I have to say I feel great. My level of energy in the day is better than it used to be. I have a lot of clarity at work too. I will keep going until the end of July, then pause for a month. I want to make sure it doesn't affect me when I stop, I'm also pondering the long-term effects, but so far so good.

But don't worry, for the programs, I recommend clean and real foods, which is an essential basis to feel great. Just trying to test something to get to the next level. I don't think this is for everyone, just let me know if you're interested to know more.


4- UNLOCKT activity

We are 9 members. UNLOCKT's first priority now is to bring value to its members. Here is the focus this week:

  • Create eBooks for each program. Beautiful ones that are sent at the beginning of the programs so it gives a better onboarding. Thank you Morgane, who is working on it.
  • Making the programs more clear, so I review them all.
  • Make the Slack channel more active. I quite like the "intention of the week" to increase clarity, focus and accountability. It would be amazing if you guys could share more about content or simply your thoughts and experiences
  • First Sunday session. This Sunday, we can discuss personal growth topics as a group. Probably Sunday 7pm but happy to arrange a different time, see the discussion on Slack.

5- Dreamers & doers

This Tuesday, we interviewed my friend Andrew Lewis, about outsourcing efficiently. As a Tim Ferriss fan, I'm super interested in productivity and how to do more. It applies to the work I do but working with others can help you scale even more.

6- Members' highlights 

  • Thank you Matthias Ollard, new member and we've been hitting the gym in the mornings. It's great to have a local buddy for motivation, especially in Winter.
  • Thank you Fernando Garcia Torrubia, who recently joined and has been helping me since the beginning. One of the best things that happened to me since I started UNLOCKT is being surrounded by really positive people! Fernando introduced me to Alex Dakov, who was the first member ever :)