#8 - Radical open-mindedness

1- What I want to talk about this week

This week I want to talk about one of the core values of UNLOCKT: Radical open-mindedness. This is a concept I came across recently thanks to Ray Dalio and his book Principles (click here to see my review).

One of the main things that allowed me to grow is to become very open-minded. I think travelling, reading and podcasts really helped me. When you travel or live abroad, you understand that your values and your definition of success that you took for granted are actually quite subjective. You probably understand this very well if you have read Sapiens as it looks at what we consider as objective from a higher perspective.

Being radically open-minded allowed me to start questioning things and making my own mind. A good example of this is meditation.

I have grown up in an environment where meditation was not a thing and Tim Ferriss' podcast and a few encounters and conversations in Australia got me to give it a go about 2 years ago. A year later I was preparing a program on it...

Radical open-mindedness though means there is no dogma. This is why UNLOCKT is about constantly renewing itself. It doesn't mean we are naive, we can be skeptical while having an open mind. For example, if you have serious studies showing that actually meditation doesn't work that well, or one showing a technique or a pill that has a better effect in terms of increasing levels of self-awareness, I'll be keen to discuss and try it. And if it seems to work better, I'll promote it rather than meditation.

Another example is Isagenix. I wanted to be open-minded and to give it a fair go. Well honestly so far I'm not really convinced, this is why I haven't been recommending it heavily. I'm still trying to figure it out but I tend to think the benefits are more due to the mindset and support of the community rather than the product in itself. This is why I prefer my way to support people not being attached to a certain product.

Our philosophy is to seek truth, so trying something can't be against our philosophy.

2- Great content of the week

This leads me to a tricky subject but that is a big one for me when it comes to opening my mind: the use of psychedelics. So far, I've only used LSD once and DMT once, but I think it has really helped me to experience the dissolution of my ego.

Before I did my first trip about a year ago, I researched it a lot. As most people of my generation and environment, I thought psychedelics as hard recreative drugs and I didn't think it could be a way to elevate consciousness or increase self-awareness. I wrote a full article on it, but I wanted to share with you this one podcast that really helped me to change my mind.

I got very interested in the science of psychedelics and I'm currently reading How to change your mind by Michael Pollan, great book on the subject and he has a very rational mind.

Just to be clear, I am not promoting their use, which is illegal in most countries. They come with high risks if not taken appropriately. I just find them interesting when it comes to understanding the human mind.


3- UNLOCKT news

You should have received an email with the member's booklet and an on-boarding form. This helps me offer a more personalised approach as you say what you are mainly interested in.

Really happy that my friend Patrick Hamilton has joined, he was an early supporter. We'll publish his member's story very soon, very itneresting folk.

Last Thursday, I interviewed Brent Robert. I met him recently at an UNLOCKT acroyoga event. Brent has been questioning everything about life and is designing his ideal life.

As we talked about the values of UNLOCKT, I've revamped the philosophy page, let me know if it resonates with you.