#20 - Vulnerability, Brené Brown, showing gratitude

1- Topic of the week

Relationships are a very important part of your happiness and growth. So a year ago, I started to read a few books on the subject, and especially about romantic relationships 😳. A good friend of mine recommended a book called Models: Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson.

A part I really loved about it was the one on vulnerability - and in context, why you need to be willing to be vulnerable to attract the best women 😛. While this book is directed at men wanted to attract women, you can apply it to relationships in general, like friendships and work relationships.

The idea behind vulnerability is not to dump all your problems in people’s face. That’s the victim mode and it’s a way to fill a need for significance. It is to have the courage to do what feels right even though it may make you feel uncomfortable, rejected or made fun of. And paradoxically, there is a lot of strength that goes with being vulnerable.

Personally, being vulnerable and being open to getting rejected, uncomfortable or made fun of has really been a breakthrough for both my relationships and work.

By the way I want to give a shoutout to my friends at OneWave. OneWave is a charity that organises gatherings at Bondi Beach every Friday morning to discuss mental health and I’ve rarely seen such a kind and non-judgemental group of people. Best example of the power of vulnerability! They were rewarded last month with the visit of Prince Harry that gave them a lot of exposure. Good job Grant & Sam especially!

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.05.02 am.png

2- Great content of the week

As I loved the concept, I got to know about Brené Brown, who is the main reference on this subject. So this week I wanted to share with you her TED talk, one of their most popular talks ever. I can only recommend the audiobook The Power of Vulnerability.

3- Challenge of the week

One thing I’m a big fan of is gratitude. And telling someone “Hey, I wanted to tell you that I’m grateful to you because XYZ” is an exercise where we show vulnerability. But will make the other person and yourself feel great. So do it Today, whether with your partner, a friend or someone at work.

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4- UNLOCKT news

This week, I moved the Time Ownership Program on the new online platform. Pretty excited about it!

I will rework and move the other programs there too in the next couple of months. The people who had already purchased the program have received an email with your access to the platform. If you want to start the program or simply learn more, click here.

Next Tuesday, 7pm Sydney time, I’m interviewing Dr. Kaushik Ram, a neuroscientist who spend 3 months in a cave writing his book only in a state of flow, when he was not thinking. He holds a seminar this weekend, will hold a TEDx Sydney talk next year and we’ll discuss… survival. We’ll have a little audience and feel free to ask your questions on the live show.

And as usual… Send me feedback! I looooove feedback, good or bad!