#18 - Sober November, Gabor Maté, Gaspard Koenig

1- Topic of the week

I’m not going to get deep into the science here. It is pretty common knowledge that alcohol isn’t very good for you.

While listening to many of Tim Ferriss’ podcasts, as he interviews people who are very successful in their area of expertise, not drinking alcohol at all was something that came back a lot.

While there is nothing wrong with a glass every now and then, I think it’s very healthy to sometimes do a complete break. And if you grew up in a similar environment as I did, social activities go hand-in-hand with alcohol consumption. So the longest I’ve done was a 2-week break 8 months ago, which seems a bit ridiculous.

So I’ll do an entire month sober in November. Who’s with me? And for me, it’ll be a decent challenge. As usual, the hard part is the social part. It’d be very easy not to drink if I was living in some remote mountain, but I’ll be in Sydney and I’ll have dinners and parties and I’ll hear a lot that “I’m not fun”, that “I’m boring”, etc… but that’s why it’s a challenge!

2- Great content of the week

We often think of addiction in reference to drugs or gambling but we often forget that we can be addicted to things that seem benign, like social drinking, smartphones, consuming.

Now is time for… Gabor Maté. I’m an absolute fan of this addiction specialist who is not as famous as he deserves to be.

It gets pretty deep, especially in the podcast. At least, have a listen to the TED talk, but I definitely encourage you to listen to the whole podcast with Tim Ferriss. One of my favourite podcasts ever. I know, it’s 2h30, and it takes a bit of time to really take off, but 100% worth it. Try and listen to it as you commute this week.

The podcast. Start at 5’30 to skip the ads:

3- Challenge of the week

Anyone keen to do sober November with me? Always good to have a few buddies to support each others!

But if it’s a bit too much, which I can understand, the challenge of the week is to do a week without any alcohol.

Let us know how it feels on Slack > #weekly_newsletter

4- UNLOCKT news

This week, I was honoured to interview again Gaspard Koenig. For the people here interested in the future of our societies, you should be quite interested in Universal Basic Income.

We also discussed the future of work and he is not as worried as Yuval Noah Harari in his books Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, as he explained in our interview. It’ll be interesting to see the two of them debate mid-November, as I’m a huge fan of the two. I can’t attend because I won’t be in Paris anymore but if you’re around, you should definitely go!

This week I want to thank Chris and Fernando who became sponsors of UNLOCKT on Patreon and have been supporting me for a while now. 😘