#17 - Start with Why

1- Topic of the week

Almost a year ago, I watched the TED talk “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, where he describes the importance of knowing why you do what you do and that it’s what inspires people. This led me to decide to do something I truly care about. And it led to UNLOCKT.

It’s important to often return to the roots of why we’re doing something, so I added a little “The story” page on the website and thought you could be interested to read “why” I started UNLOCKT:

“I believe that now is the most exciting time to be alive. A time when everything seems possible, from the best to the worst.

It's true when you look at our societies. It's also true on a personal level.

Let me give you an example:

With my phone, I can learn to meditate, follow my "get shredded in 6 weeks" workout program and listen to a podcast with Elon Musk discussing AI. For a small cost, I can thrive at a pace that was not conceivable before! How exciting!

But if I'm not careful, my phone will always distract me. I'll lose my ability to focus. I won't be present with the people I love. I'll compare myself to others on social media. And I'll end up miserable, in depression or burnout and take pills to solve it. As do so many people nowadays. How depressing!

The world is changing so fast that we struggle to keep the pace. How can I blame the school or my parents for not educating me on these risks when they are not even aware of these risks in the first place?”

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2- Great content of the week

I know, that’s a lot of text this week… So if you just want to jump to the TED talk, see below.

And if you have clicked on “read more”, you’ll notice that I talk about the importance of reinventing yourself and keep learning. If you’re reading this, congratulations, you have a growth mindset, and this is the most important thing if you want to thrive in the world of Today and Tomorrow. More details in the short video below:

3- Challenge of the week

A great exercise to increase clarity is to have a journal. I started 6 months ago and I love taking 2-3 minutes before going to bed to reflect on my day.

So this coming week, try and take 2-3 minutes before going to bed to write down how you felt today, what you did well, what you were grateful for and what you could improve. Or simply go freestyle.

Let us know how it feels on Slack > #weekly_newsletter

4- UNLOCKT news

Last Wednesday, I did a fun interview with Laurent about hypnosis, with a little hypnosis show at the end.

This Tuesday, I’m very happy to interview Gaspard Koenig, French philosopher, about Universal Basic Income. It will be live at 11am Paris time, 8pm Sydney time, on my Facebook wall. Ask your questions.

On a different note, I’ve stopped with the membership system so now you can receive this newsletter and access the community on Slack for free and I rely on fundraising if people consider supporting the project. So I created a page on Patreon, a really cool initiative to help creators make a living out of their work. I have already invested in a better mic thanks to my sponsors 😘