#16 - You're already a cyborg... Get over it! 🤖

1- Topic of the week

A month ago, on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Elon Musk talked about the fact that you’re already a cyborg, in reference to owning a smartphone. Harari talked about it very well in Homo Deus.

At the moment, these tools are mainly outside our physical bodies, but they’re already an extension of ourselves. We start to integrate them more and more. And what seems unacceptable now won’t be in a few decades or even a few years.

Whether you want it or not, these tools are already part of who you are and it will just keep increasing. It doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good or bad. As usual, it comes with opportunities and threats. But we need first to understand and acknowledge it.

Implementing non-organic parts in our bodies has already started, mainly to cure diseases for now (brain chips for Parkinson, pacemakers,…), but it will gradually move towards improving our capabilities.

2- Great content of the week

So this week, I want to share with you an episode of Moonshot, a podcast focusing on crazy but realistic tech innovations that may disrupt the world.

This podcast is a great statement of where we’re at regarding integrating non-organic parts to our physical bodies.

3- Challenge of the week

Tired of being a cyborg? While tech can help us in many ways, it comes with threats. One of them is being addicted to the tool rather than simply using it.

For example, you may spend more time than you’d like on your phone & social media. That’s normal. As you know if you did the time ownership program, they use addictive techniques. To balance this out, the challenge of the week is to make sure you don’t check your phone & social media within the first 30 minutes of waking up.

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4- UNLOCKT news

This week I have been working on revamping completely the Time Ownership Program. Easier to follow, more actionable steps and quick in-situation videos have been added. Thanks again to all the people who gave me amazing feedback.

Last Tuesday, I was super happy to have again the A.I. expert Hadelin de Ponteves on the podcast. Really interesting chat about the current state of A.I! Uber only with self-driving cars in 2 years? Everyone with a robot that cooks for us in 10 years? Let’s see!

To listen to the podcast on iTunes, click here. Feel free to subscribe and rate it too 🤜🤛

On Wednesday I will interview Laurent, a hypnotiser I met at a festival. Hypnosis is fun but it’s also a very interesting subject to study when it comes to consciousness. 2 weeks ago, in the North of France, surgeons performed a heart surgery without anaesthesia (it was too dangerous for the old patient) but under hypnosis!

Also confirming the interview with Gaspard Koenig on Universal Basic Income on October 23 at 11am Paris time.