#15 - Being performant = being a robot?

1- Topic of the week

Today’s podcast is about deep work. As I was redoing the Time Management Program, now called Time Ownership Program, I included this podcast as a bonus episode.

At 21’30, the interviewer asks Cal Newport: “Are you asking people to behave like robots?” as he talks about ways to do more “deep work” and to schedule more your life.

I would like to extend this to personal growth in general. I often get told by people that they don’t want to improve or hack themselves by fear of feeling like machines. It’s up to people to judge, but I consider it makes you actually more human.

- Removing notifications also allows you to be more present with the people you love.
- Meditation allows you to see more easily someone else’s perspective and to have more compassion.
- Scheduling a morning routine allows you to be more present and energetic throughout the day.
- I feel more human when I have energy after a healthy lunch than when sluggish after a burger and beer.

So personal growth probably makes you actually more human. Provided you use this performance and structure to become more present, more compassionate, wiser and to take more meaningful actions.

2- Great content of the week

So this week, the content of the week is this podcast by Hidden Brain with the author of Deep Work: Cal Newport.

Making space for deep work is a way to increase a lot your productivity and it is something incredibly important to become more productive in a world of ever increasing distractions.

He evokes briefly social media and why he never had a social media account. If you’ve done the time ownership program, you know that I clearly recommend getting some distance and being careful with their addictive strategies, but then I think it’s up to everyone to judge the pros and cons. I personally prefer to stay quite active on social media but he makes a pretty good case in this TED talk.

I’ll probably do a weekly newsletter on social media in the coming weeks.

3- Challenge of the week

This week is a reminder of the Time Ownership program: Just in case you forgot to do it lately, this week, make sure you schedule one hour per weekday when you do deep focused work. Phone in plane mode and in another room, no one to distract you and your full attention on the task. You can include a 10 min break in the middle if it’s seems to work better for you.

Let us know what time window you chose in Slack > #weekly_newsletter


4- UNLOCKT news

Last weekend, I did a small acroyoga event at Champ de Mars in Paris 👉

I’ve sent you the new membership system, click here to do the transition, first month is free. And if you know people who could be interested please send them to www.unlockt.me/friend. You get another free month for everyone you refer!

Next week, I’ll interview my friend Hadelin de Ponteves, creator of best-selling Artificial Intelligence courses. He will update us on the latest applications of AI. Will be on Tue 9 October live. Follow the Facebook page for updates and come with your questions!

Charlie and I co-published a review of 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Don’t hesitate to comment on Slack > #book_of_the_month, and this month the book is A Brief History of Time by S. Hawking. We can go back to more actionable books in November. 😛