#13 - Speak up ✊

1- Topic of the week

Should you speak up, even if you don’t have all the answers? As you probably guessed, I think you should.
I used not to be big on speaking up for my ideas (especially on social media) but I now think it’s important and recommend everyone to do it too.

Jordan Peterson explains very well why, just watch this 5-min video.

Nothing brings a better world into being than the stated truth.
— Jordan Peterson

What reminded me of this was a section of 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, at the end of the chapter called “post-truth”. Here you go:


PS: can you spot the typo? Funny for a book that will sell millions of copies. If yes, let us know in Slack > #weekly_newsletter.

2- Great content of the week

This week, I want to share with you a podcast from Thom Knoles. Thom Knoles is a maharishi and has been teaching Vedic knowledge for dozens of years. I am currently following his course called Exploring the Vedas which is simply mind-blowing and I have rarely listened to someone that interesting.

In this podcast, he talks about why contentment is far from enlightenment. His interpretation of the Vedic knowledge is very action driven, far from the usual cliché of the yogi meditating in a cave, away from the world.

3- Challenge of the week

The challenge of the week is to share with the community a piece of content that you think will be super valuable to other people.

Go to Slack > #weekly_newsletter and share it with us, whether it is your favourite video, favourite podcast, favourite TED talk, etc…

If it has been very valuable to you, chances are it will be valuable to some of us.


Menage a trois…

Menage a trois…

4- UNLOCKT news

No podcast this week but I’m planning a few for my time in Paris. On the menu: meditation apps, recent AI disruption and Universal Basic Income.

Thank you Isabel who keeps organising acroyoga events in Bondi and I’ll organise some in Paris, starting this weekend!

The Slack community is getting active, thanks so much for your participation, especially Chris, Morgane, Mathieu, Jeff and Luba who did their intention of the week. I recommend everyone puts a weekly calendar reminder on Sunday nights or Monday mornings for the intention of the week, good little habit to take.

Last thing, let’s plan a time to discuss 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. I’ll do a poll in Slack > #book_of_the_month.


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