#12 - m.i.n.i.m.a.l.i.s.m

1- What I want to talk about this week


This week, I want to talk about minimalism.

I’ve been on UNLOCKT for about 9 months now but was still living at the same place. Tomorrow, I’m leaving Bondi Beach and will be travelling different places. It is a great opportunity to simplify life and just get rid of stuffs.

This holiday photo with my ex? It goes in the bin!
This gift from my mum? Same! Sorry Mum!
My dear motorcycle? Sold!
Old clothes? Donated!

There is nothing wrong with appreciating nice things, but in our current societies of high consumption, we are pushed to own a lot of sh*t we don’t need. As I get rid of it and start thinking about what I really need, I get a great feeling of freedom.

The concept of non-attachement is present in many ancient wisdom texts, from Stoicism to Buddhism, and minimalism is getting more and more popular.

Detachment is not that you should own nothing. But that nothing should own you.
— Ali ibn Abi Talib

2- Great content of the week

I really like Mark Manson and his no bullsh*t approach to personal growth. His 2 books Models and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck had a real impact on me. He did a quick podcast about minimalism that explains really well why he chose this lifestyle.

A bit out of context but I have to talk about it because it shook the podcast world. Elon Musk was on Joe Rogan’s podcast, discussing his projects, AI, the future of humanity, while smoking weed and saying “Love is the answer”. Great complement to the book of the month, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.


3- Challenge of the week

To keep consistent with simplification, I’d suggest that this week you throw away a few things you don’t need. As mentioned by Mark Manson, just do it!

Go on Slack, on the #weekly_newsletter channel and let us know what you’ve thrown away, donated or sold!

Thank you Amaury and Fernando especially to help me with great advice to make this newsletter more action driven.


4- UNLOCKT news

Talking about simplicity… how simple is breathing? Yet how powerful can it be? This was the theme of this week’s amazing interview with Marja. Enjoy!

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time speaking with you, which led to some simplification in the membership.

I’ve removed a few channels in Slack so it’s more clear. Always let me know your feedback! There’s a lot more to come but for now I’ll keep it… simple.


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