#11 - Action

1- What I want to talk about this week

This week, I want to talk about action. There's a lot of great content but what really matters is what you do. I find that acting on what I learn is what makes it truly stick. When I read a book, I really understand it when I confront it with my real life experience.

So after speaking with some of you, I want to prioritise action, including in the newsletter. I'll keep the content of the week but make the text a bit shorter and want to add a little "challenge of the week" that is action-driven.

I was thinking of doing a WhatsApp group where we can say when we've done the challenge of the week. It's more fun if it's interactive! If you want to be part of the group, just answer this email with your phone number!

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.
— Carl Jung


2- Great content of the week

When you think of a man of action, it's hard not to think about Wim Hof. He holds countless world records and uses breathwork and cold exposure to control his immune system. He gets his experiments scientifically tested and knows a lot about our chemistry, which makes it even more fascinating.

He also evokes his eating habits (one meal a day) and the problem with comfort. Great one to listen to!


3- Challenge of the week

As you are here, you certainly like to take action so I thought this could be fun. To celebrate Wim Hof, this week, we start with cold exposure.

From Today until next Thursday, have at least the last 20 seconds of your shower cold. The idea as you do it is to breathe calmly and to teach your body to appreciate the cold (I know, easier said than done). Keen?

Just send us a little "done" on the Whatsapp group when you've done it, even with a little photo if you feel like it.


4- UNLOCKT news

I'm having discussions with most of you this week to understand if the membership suits your expectations. Thanks a lot for all the information!

I think a few of you missed the member's booklet so I'm reposting it here.

This week I interviewed a Vedic meditation teacher, Georgia Vavasour. Vedic meditation is how I got into meditation and definitely recommend it!



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