#10 - Ageing & Telomeres

1- What I want to talk about this week

This week, I want to share with you why I prioritise my long-term health over short-term achievement.

I value having more energy, but I prefer to get less done in a day and be more healthy. This is why I avoid stimulants for example. This is also why I prioritise sleep, exercise and meditation.

Lifestyle has a huge impact on our health & longevity. Nowadays, people mainly die from lifestyle diseases. We have countless studies on how stress or a lack of sleep are detrimental to our health. So I believe that the time I spend taking good care of myself and my health allows me to be in better health and for longer. This logic has always been valid.

Now I think it makes even more sense Today due to the exponential growth of scientific progress. The return on investment becomes greater and greater. We consider that now we gain 3 months of life expectancy per year, but this is likely to grow.

The progress we make in AI, information technology and in education creates a compound effect. We could think that one day, we'll gain more than a year per year... and actually reverse ageing. This is the logic of Ray Kurzweil and it is likely to happen one day, even if we can't know when exactly.

So I think 1 biological year saved Today might be what gets you to this tipping point. Now is it desirable to become immortal? Hard to say and I won't dig into this Today. I just know that there are so many things that excite me with life that I wouldn't mind living a healthy 200 years or more if possible... (I don't recommend counting on it though as it is very uncertain).

This is why I got my telomeres tested this week. In the US, you can test the length of these little caps on your chromosomes that are a very good indicator of your biological age. I intend to get them tested every 2 years or so to see roughly if what I do is working overall.

I uploaded the guide they gave me in the Slack channel #tech and the #1 correlation with long telomeres is a good night of sleep. So as you know if you've been following the time management program, don't try to hack sleep. The hour you save every night can cost you years of healthy living.


2- Great content of the week

This leads me to this week's content with Elizabeth Blackburn. She has won the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 2009 with her studies on telomeres. The most efficient way to get introduced to her work is probably her TED talk, which will be the content of the week.

What tempted me to do the test was this talk on biohacking by Ben Greenfield I had shared previously.


3- UNLOCKT news

Welcome Charlie and Leila who are both doing the time management program.

This week, I want to especially thank Charlie and Olivia who have been posting a lot on social media about UNLOCKT. Thank you so much for your help and it's amazing to get your contributions.

In September, we launch 2 new parts of the membership:

  • Book of the month, starting with 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Morgane, Andrew, Mathieu and Charlie are reading it along with me. Anyone else? There is a specific channel in Slack to comment. I recommend that you don't hesitate to share your thoughts as you read it. Communicating your understanding and questions about the book will make the reading more active and help you retain way more. This is partly why I like doing book reviews.
  • Goals of the month. This is a rather simple activity aimed at helping with prioritisation, clarity and accountability. We'll simply send you an email for you to submit your top 3 goals for the month. The more specific the better. We can then review at the end of the month if they've been achieved. I definitely encourage you to do it.

No podcast this week but we will resume next Tuesday. We have started a page on Patreon also if anyone wanted to support the podcast and then a book to come and then documentaries :)
Patreon is a super cool concept that allows creators to get paid.

The team is expanding with Andrew who starts to help me with the sales process. Thanks mate!


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