#1 - Homo Deus

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1- Thought of the week - becoming Homo Deus

Since reading Homo Deus, I've become really interested in transhumanism and how to hack yourself. This has led to a few fundamental changes in my way to approach things.

It's important to use Nature's intelligence, this is why meditation and clean food are important. Still, we're at a stage in history when we start to do things better in a number of areas and we are becoming gods. So I'm not too afraid to take a bit of distance from what is considered as "natural". And anyway, Nature pushed humans to grow and become who we are, so becoming gods is actually the natural way to go...

This has led me to a philosophical change. I try to use the intelligence of my body and nature, but when I feel science and progress allows me to do better, I don't hesitate to use it.

Concretely, that led me from eating clean organic food to eating a lot of supplements and even some meal replacements.
It led to me to training my body rather than listening to my body (Wim Hof method for example... if I listen to my body, I don't go in the cold in winter. I stay in bed and snooze...).

2- Great content of the week

This leads me to the pieces of content I wanted to share with you:

1. This TED talk is a great foundation of futurism views and what our species may become.

2. This podcast by Tim Ferriss with Aubrey Marcus is also a great start to optimise your life. I've recently read his book, Own the Day, Own you Life, which contains a lot of interesting practical advice.

3- What I'm experimenting with

At the moment, I'm doing bits and pieces of the Wim Hof method. I have a lot of cold showers and still haven't been sick so it seems to work pretty fine so far. It's fairly easy for me now to get into cold water.


4- UNLOCKT activity

I'm now focusing on memberships and we are 6 members. Thank you :)
I have now 5 programs ready now. The latest one, meditation refresh week, is only a week, and a good one to do if you need a little boost to get back into the daily habit.
I will prepare more 1-week programs, especially around nutrition. I have intermittent fasting and ketogenic weeks lined up. But ideally I'd love to know what you, the members, prefer, so don't hesitate to let me know on Slack.

5- Dreamers & doers

  • This Tuesday, I interviewed my friend Bertrand De Oliveira. At 28, he has already done 3 startups and sold his latest one. He had really interesting struggles during this journey and he is reflecting on it during this very authentic chat.