Matthias Ollard

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I Tell us a bit more about yourself!

Hi there, my name is Matthias, I am a 34 years old French guy and I have been living in Sydney for 12 years.

I first came to Australia back in my early 20s out of need to discover something new and get exposed to an international environment. After my first year, I did few back and forth between France and Australia before deciding 8 years ago to settle down more permanently here.


Even though I am here now, there is been a constant dilemma in me around the idea of where I belong and why I am here. Those questions are sometimes hard to answer, the feelings arising from them can be powerful and overwhelming and I think, its important to take a step back and understand why those feelings are here and not necessarily trying to get answer straight away - The answers will come.

II How did you discover UNLOCKT?

I discover UNLOCKT directly with Alex, the founder of UNLOCKT. We both live in Bondi and know eachother through commun friends.

He mentioned to me this idea of creating self development programs at really early stage and I have been supporting him since then. I think I am on of his first customer ;-)

III Why did you join UNLOCKT?

I join because I simply needed it. The content is great and thorough and it allows me to discover things I woudn’t otherwise. There are plenty of offer and content online but what I really like about the UNLOCKT programs is that there are taking you into a journey from day 1.

IV What are the milestones of your Self-Development journey?

For years, I have always said to myself I would do “read more” , “you should meditate”, “live more in the present moment”  but never found the time or motivation to do so. Now since I have become a member of UNLOCKT, I can definitely say that I am starting doing those things and those answers I was referring to in Question 1 are coming up in me. I am less worried about what next because the only thing we will ever have is now.


I have also started doing long distance running, specifically running Ultra Trails which is a form of meditation. You find yourself living the present moment to its fullest and I think the reason I have started running was because of what UNLOCKT literally unlocked in me

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