Mathieu Penot


I Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I was born and raised in France, near Paris. After an engineering degree and two years in management consulting, I decided that I wanted a more impactful life. I flew to Singapore where I joined an education startup. This was a major enlightenment for me. I am now deeply passionate about early childhood education and in love with the imagination, curiosity and beautiful innocence that most of us unfortunately lost on our way up to the adult world. I strongly believe that self-development is also a way to reconnect with our inner child. A playful, worry-less and kind little human sitting inside each of us.

After 3 years in Singapore, I just relocated to San Francisco to look for more adventures!

II How did you discover UNLOCKT?

Alex is my cousin. I’ve known him since we were children. Naturally, we discussed about UNLOCKT and I liked his approach from the get go.

III Why did you join UNLOCKT?

I started meditating slightly before Alex introduced me to UNLOCKT. I was also enjoying the podcasts from Tim Ferriss. I knew there was a value in what Alex had to offer, and I wanted to explore it. Starting with the Time Management program was obvious to me, as it is an everyday struggle for me to focus and concentrate my efforts on what is really important. It happened to be largely meeting my expectations, with very insightful pieces of information and advice. I will never say “I’m busy” again!

IV What are the milestones of your Self-Development journey?

I owe a lot to my partner who introduced me to non-fiction books whereas I was only interested by fiction at that time. It definitely brought a lot of food for thought and willingness to take the path of self-reflection and self-development. I was a major starting point. Books like The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck or Sapiens were mind-bending. I think that the other big step was starting meditation through Headspace. I had a lot of preconceived ideas about meditation, which mostly turned out to be wrong. I am currently taking the UNLOCKT Meditation Program and hope to permanently include meditation in my daily habits.