Mastermind of Conscious Entrepreneurs - Bondi

What is it?

On Friday 19 July, from 7pm to 10pm, we will gather at the Bondi meditation Centre for a mastermind of conscious entrepreneurs.

This mastermind is for “dreamers & doers”. People who want to make the world better and use entrepreneurship and business to make it happen.

The point of this mastermind is to gather people with different skills who can connect and help each other out. Yoga teachers who want to increase their impact. Tech entrepreneurs who want to enter the conscious space and use their skills to build a better world. Coaches who want to help other people.

Any questions reach out on Facebook (Alex Lamber) or by email [email protected]

The program

7:00: Cacao ceremony and intro by Alex Lamber.

7:15: 2 guest speakers (15 min incl. Q&A each):

  • TBC

7:45pm: Everyone shares quickly what they do and why they are here.

8:15pm: Divide into little groups of 4-5. Each one has a 10-min slot. 5 min sharing what they do, their challenges and what they are looking for. Then 5 min where the others ask questions or provide solutions.

9:15pm: Mingling and maybe a few dance moves.

How to join?

We are doing the pre-sale Today with refundable tickets at $29.

Early bird prices valid until July 14.


More info about the organisers

Hi, I’m Alex, the organiser of this mastermind. I am passionate about helping people follow their passion and turn it into profits so they can create a bigger impact.

These were the guest speakers last time, I will update soon.