Kirsty Carr

Creator, adventurer, and breakthrough strategist dedicated to reconnecting you with your natural abilities to reach the success you’re meant for.


Who is Kirsty?

Raw. Real. Honest. An inspiring change-maker dedicated to reconnecting you with your natural abilities to create effortlessly and unlock your human potential. Kristy offers you the tools and techniques to heighten your awareness, transcend your limiting beliefs, strengthen your intuition, and reconnect with your creativity. The result...meaningful and authentic success aligned with your highest potential.
She has significant experience across Government, Not-for-Profit and Private sectors both in Australia and Internationally. 


Want to know a bit about Her qualifications?

  • Level 4 Mastery of Creative Development, Natural Success Academy.

  • Accredited Confidence Coach, SMART Majority

  • Certificate in Engagement, International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)
  • Bachelor's Degree (Hons) Health and Behavioural Science, University of Wollongong
  • Diploma of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Innernation UK
  • 11 years professional experience across Government, Private and Not-for-Profit sectors (policy and strategy, facilitation and training, engagement, communications, diversity and inclusion, and public health)
  • Online volunteer, International Peace and Development, United Nations

How can she help you ? 

  • Connect with your true purpose and authentic vision
  • Make powerful choices that support your vision
  • Master tension to create outside of your current circumstances
  • Heighten your self-awareness to overcome roadblocks
  • Strengthen and trust your intuition to take decisive action
  • Empower and inspire yourself and others
  • Connect deeply with yourself, others and the world
  • Improve your overall wellbeing
“When you try to manage life and keep it all together, you stop the flow of your natural ability to create success.”