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I Tell us a bit more about you! 

As a child, I’ve been living all around Europe, following my dad’s mutation. I’ve done my engineer school in France and worked there for a few years. But I left this country shortly after and moved to the USA to get back to school. I found a job and stayed for over 10 years there. 
Now I live in New-Zealand.

How come? I just followed my wife! She wanted to get back to her country and well, I was keen to change place. 

I’m deeply into self-development plus a Buddhism and meditation enthusiast. The more I grew up, the more I take risks. Which is funny as it’s the opposite of the usual pattern but well I'm happy the way I am. 

II How did you discover UNLOCKT?

I discovered UNLOCKT via Linkedin. I have a common friend with Alex, named Adelin, he created a class on AI and it was amazing. I met Alex a bit by hazard I guess. He just started UNLOCKT  and I was up to do something new. As a big fan of Tim Ferris, Alex’ talks resonated with my interests. And here we are!



III Why did you join UNLOCKT?

Alex is such a good mate! I love his videos, he makes me smile, he gives me energy! His way to coach is great! Exactly what I need. That’s simply it. Plus I’m really interested in the topics developed at UNLOCKT.

IV What are the milestones of your Self-Development journey? 

•    In the past I was overweight. I decided to change it, to switch from flabby to fit. But although I was doing training and marathon, I wasn't aiming in the right way. Something was missing. Thanks to meditation I realised I was compensating something inside of me, training wasn’t healing an original imbalance deeply rounded in my soul. By meditating I started to face some of my deepest issues, mainly with my Dad, understanding my mental path and why I have that kind of character. The power of now from also helped me to make these changes. 

•    The discovery of Buddhism had a great impact on my self-development journey. I’ve been educated in a Catholic environment but how to say… that never been my thing. With Catholicism, you feel guilty for everything… Apparently, Jesus died for my sins. Buddhism simply aligns better with my core value and I find it makes more sense with my intuition.