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If you are new to UNLOCKT, you must start with the Time Ownership Program.

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1 - Time Ownership Program
18 days, 20 min a day

Owning your time is the foundation of any major improvements in your life.

This is our best seller and definitely the one to get started with.

Other programs:

2 - Mind Training & Meditation Program - 18 days

Training your mind is super important to be more healthy, happy and performant. Meditation is the best mind training tool known to date and it can be the foundations of amazing improvements.

3 - Nutrition & Energy Program - 18 days

You are what you eat. It affects your brain, your mood and your health. This program makes sure you are putting the right fuel in your body and is critical to then operate well. It covers the foundations of a good nutrition.

4 Happiness & Inner Peace Program - 18 days

I recommend doing the mind training program before. With increased self-awareness, you can then look at expectations and activities to start to find more inner peace

5 Meditation Refresh Week - 6 days

Only if you already have a meditation technique. It can happen that you drop the habit of meditating, in which case you might need a little refresh week.

6 Intermittent Fasting Week - 6 days

I recommend starting with the nutrition program. Intermittent Fasting has a number of health, mindset, time and mental benefits.

Action is the foundation key to all success
— Pablo Picasso