Day 17 πŸš€ Stop working hard, start working smart

Some advice out there is all about working your ass off. "Sleep when you're dead" is something you could hear from Gary V, Grant Cardone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. It works for them. And I do believe in dedication and being committed to your work.

Still, some people make it work while taking the time to relax and enjoy. Life is not a race. People like Tim Ferriss, Aubrey Marcus, Jeff Bezos or Michael Singer talk very well about it.

To me, my daily routines, my meditations or going on retreats are part of being effective. Having the clarity to do the right thing. A few great decisions can be more effective than a month of hard work.

I let you find your own balance, but sometimes the answer is not in doing more but in doing less and making space. We expand on this in our time ownership program.

Aubrey Marcus is one of the masters of this work-life balance. Lots of wisdom here: