Day 4 πŸš€ Your greatest investment is the one you make in yourself

You can invest in the stock exchange. In property. In better relationships. But the greatest investment is in yourself.

Whatever you learn, it bceomes something no one can take away from you. Your life situation, your finances, your relationships, they will all reflect who you are as a person.

So make sure you prioritise your personal growth.

Last year, I spent $6,000 to attend Date with Destiny with Tony Robbins. Some people around me were shocked. But some people invest the same kind of money in a watch or a nicer car and it doesn't seem to shock as much. I think it's non-sense. I know in the long run I will get a huge return on this investment.

Tony Robbins is the most famous coach in the world and his events gather thousands of people. So I wanted to share today one of his podcast episode that I love.