Day 16 🚀 The power of morning routines

I discovered morning routines thanks to Tim Ferriss and now I couldn’t imagine my life without. Here are 3 reasons why you should have a morning routine:

1- Start the day with a feeling of achievement

After my morning routine, I pat myself on the back and I know I’ve started the day well. This feeling will stay with me during the entire day and I’ll feel like smashing tasks one after the other.

2- Do a lot at a moment when you’re usually not efficient

During my morning routine, I tick a lot of boxes. Exercising, meditation, setting an intention, drinking water, all these little things I would otherwise struggle to fit in my day. And what’s the alternative? If you don’t have a set routine, you’ll probably waste time when you wake up.

3- Preserve your willpower

With a set morning routine, you don’t have to choose what to do when you wake up. The routine has already been designed, so it’s simply about following it. You’re more likely to do the right thing, and you also preserve your willpower for the more important decisions you’ll have to make during the day.

A lot of my morning rituals are inspired by Jim Kwik.