Day 12 🚀 Those things you didn’t get taught at school

There is a lot to say about our education system. As mentioned Yesterday by Prince EA, it has been built to support the industrial age and hasn’t evolved much since then.

There are a few things we are often not taught that are so important. Like how to keep learning. How to stay healthy. How to think creatively. How to manage money.

I don’t want to start a debate whether these things should be taught at school. And chances are your parents haven’t taught you much about them either. But the fact is, you’ll have to take responsibility for learning these skills.

This is where personal growth kicks in. School taught you how to fit in the system. How to be useful for the economic machine. Not how to be happy or fulfilled. This, you have to take into your own hands. Congratulations on taking this step to full empowerment.

One example of an important thing you are not taught anywhere is how to have a healthy relationship with technology. Many technology companies earn money through hijacking your attention.

As it’s a new phenomenon, your parents and teachers have no clue about the associated risk and the addiction it leads to. You have to self educate.

This TED talk was a revelation to me and since then I’ve drastically changed my relationship with my smartphone and social media. It led me to create a time ownership program and part of it is our relationship with tech. Enjoy!