Day 19 πŸš€ Your money mindset

This is something I wanted to address because our money mindset often holds us back.

When it comes to taking action, I believe conscious businesses is the most effective way to improve the world. And a successful business needs to be profitable.

I like talking about it because it’s taboo and we often have a poor opinion about money. β€œMoney is the root of all evil”, right? Nope.

I know it because I used to think the same. But there are training and experiences I want to make. People and causes I want to support. A message I want to spread. Local organic food I want to buy. And I need money to do this.

Together, we need to build a different money story. One where conscious people circulate money to create a better world.

This podcast with Peta Kelly opened my eyes. She combines spirituality & purpose with money & business.