Day 9 πŸš€ Stop complaining

I remember when I was still working an office job. The conversations with the colleagues at lunchtime. Our favourite game? Complaining.

Complaining about the boss. Bitching about the investment board's decision. Gossiping about a colleague.

At some point, I understood how irrelevant complaining was and then I could not stand it much. After all, I had chosen to work there, if I wasn't happy I could leave or change things.

You see, when you complain, you give away your power. You stop acknowledging that you chose the situation. That you have the power to make the most out of it.

It doesn't mean you don't do anything about it. If a situation doesn't suit me, I can move away. Or I can try and fix it. Or I can accept it, but then there is no point complaining.

As a business owner, and for life in general, I understood there was no time to waste complaining. Either I do something about it, either I accept it.

Full ownership can be confronting. If things don't work out, that's my mistake. Someone betrays me? I created this. An unfortunate event happens in my life? I manifested it and it must have happened for a reason. It can be confronting but it is also very empowering.

It is now 100% part of my life. I don't think you'll catch me complaining. If you do, tell me because that means I'm giving away my power.

One guy you can listen to when you find yourself making excuses is Gary V. He is one of the most influential persons on social media and his advice is very empowering.