Day 10 πŸš€ Be vulnerable and stop caring about people's opinion

As you uncover your authentic self, you will most likely encounter some resistance from others. When you stand for what you believe in, this is a risk. The risk is worth the reward though.

We are social animals. We want to be accepted. This is inbuilt in our DNA. So if people disapprove of what we are doing, we get hurt. Especially when these people are close to us.

But this is necessary, otherwise, not only will you not live your authentic life, but you'll also build resentment towards these persons and end up ruining the relationship anyway.

Being authentic requires vulnerability and courage. It requires to accept that people may criticise or mock you. Easier said than done, but you want it not to affect you. As you go and express your values, you will become more and more used to it.

2 more things:
- Everyone won't tell you, but you will also be admired for it and help people do the same.
- We tend to overthink. Many people also just won't really care and many will be very supportive. Our fear when exposing ourselves is often really exaggerated.