Day 7 πŸš€ Find out your why

Motivation is great to get started. But to keep going when it gets hard, you need a strong "why". This is your fuel when you feel tired, lonely, discouraged.

Finding a strong why is also what will help you attract people.

People buy what you stand for rather than just your product. You will find out more about it with Today's amazing TED talk by Simon Sinek. It is actually one of the talks that pushed me to start UNLOCKT.

When Elon Musk sells a flamethrower, the people who buy it would never have bought it from another company. When Gary V sells sneakers, the only reason people buy them is that they love what he stands for. It's a way for the fans to express their values.

Work on your vision, make sure you are able to communicate it clearly if you want to create a solid following.