Day 6 πŸš€ Do what you love

We live at an amazing time. Today, with the Internet, you can have any passion you want, you will be able to find like-minded people and to monetise it.

You love collecting schmurfs? Nowadays, you can become an influencer for the other people who love collecting schmurfs, have your Youtube channel, a podcast and an online store about it.

The world is changing. There is more abundance than ever. We used to need people to work in farms so we can have food. Then in factories so we have goods. Then in services. All of this is getting disrupted at an ever-growing pace.

The world of today and tomorrow needs people who are passionate about what they are doing. In 20 years, we may need more yoga teachers than accountants. So it can be a good idea to correct your path now.

As the world will keep changing quickly, doing something you are passionate about can be a good idea because you can always new ideas on how to monetise and make a living out of this passion.

Haven’t figured out everything yet? It’s fine. Steve Jobs knows a thing or 2 about following your passion. And as he says, you cannot connect the dots forward. But follow your heart and trust that they will connect when you look backwards.